Thursday, April 11, 2013


I've been writing this blog in my mind for some time, as a way to stay in touch with friends, make new friends, and just process this season of change.

For those of you who don't yet know me, my name is Cindy Scarborough.  I'm a 50-something wife, mom, nana, and recent retiree.  My husband Brent and I lived in So Cal for all of our lives, mostly in the OC, until a few weeks ago when we moved to Northern California for a career change for Brent, and to be closer to part of our family.  So now, we are Norcalians...Norcalites...we're still working on a designation.

There are lots of blogs out there about city folk moving to the country and they are wonderful, and have a much bigger story to tell than I do.  For now, I just want to share and process the journey.  I'd love to have you come along, and that's the beautiful thing about a blog.  It's up to you!

Week #1 Observations:

1.  I'm scaring Brent when I drive.  Every time I see Shasta, or a pretty bush or tree, I can't help but comment.  Unfortunately, I'm driving at the time and the steering wheel follows the direction I'm looking.  But there's nobody on the road, so we're all good.  This is a picture of Brent's morning commute, but the roads pretty much look like this all the time:

2.  I love driving with the windows down.  Never did this in OC due to all the car exhaust.  Now I always drive with the windows down.  Except when it's raining.  Which is at some point almost every day at this point in spring.  It's so cool, it sprinkles and then gets sunny.  Water from the sky....

3.  I love the sounds and sites of the country.  OK, technically we're in the 'burbs, but we're close enough to see a pond from our back yard.  Here's a sign three doors down on our street:

There are ducks and geese in our neighborhood!  We hear geese flying overhead in the morning!  And speaking of nature sounds, every night at dusk the tree frogs and crickets start their evening chorus.  So lovely.

Here's a little image of the drive to my daughter's.  I took it while I was driving.  There were no cars on the road and I felt pretty edgy:

The following explanation is for my OC friends.  See the white stuff in the sky?  They are clouds!  Notice how the sky changes in different pictures?  The weather changes ALL THE TIME.  Sometimes several times in the same day.  Who knew?  It's so beautiful.

OK, just one more scenic picture.  When we got up our first morning here (staying with the kids) this is what we saw:

4.  Everybody moves slower up here.  Nobody is in a hurry.  Anywhere.  Maybe they are all contemplatives.  I love interacting with people in the stores.  I'm eavesdropping on conversations just to learn the culture.  What a hoot.

5.  This feels like a smaller community.  Three of our neighbors have come over to introduce themselves.  One of them talked about how we all have to look out for each other.  The local nursery, that feels a lot like Armstrong's and Roger's Gardens (if they moved to the country), hosts an annual event the Saturday before Easter where all the kids come and make Easter baskets full of flowers.  The nursery provides everything.  Baskets, flowers, soil, free.  So very cool.

6.  I like living closer to my food source.  Have you ever had ham from a pig that was allowed to live like a pig.  Oh my goodness.  And brisket from grass fed beef.  Drool.  My daughter made these for Easter.  Tomorrow I get my first produce box from Abundant Harvest.  Local grown and organic.  Yummy.

7.  It's fun that town is five minutes away, and every store I need is within five minutes of each other. OK, maybe ten minutes.  I'm giddy that I'm only using 1/4 tank of gas per week.  I haven't been on a freeway (except the 44, and that doesn't count) in a week.  I feel giddy.  Trader Joes's?  Five minutes.  Target, Costco, Michael's, Joanne's, Bed Bath and Beyond, World Market, five minutes.

8.  Living near family is life giving.  We still mourn every day that half our sweet family lives far far away.  But this week, we picked up our grandson from a birthday party.  Eldest granddaughter helped me unpack.  I got to make Easter dinner with my daughter.  All these little things give us life.

I'll leave you with one last beautiful picture.  I'm surprised at how much natural beauty is feeding my soul.  See you next time!